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Welcome to Cromford Fly Fishers Club

This old established club has 3 miles of double bank fishing for Brown Trout and Grayling on the magnificent Derbyshire Derwent 362 days per year with a good head of wild fish supplemented by careful limited stocking. Good wading water mixed with more challenging areas with a good variety of water types, from shallow riffles to deep glides.

Private stone fishing lodge with secure members parking in the clubs private car parking area by the lodge with a further private club car park at the farthest reaches of the club water.. There are also additional public parking areas along the river.

The Fishing now available to members, commences at Cromford Road Bridge, and on the right bank, extends downstream to the lower limit of Homesford Cottage Inn meadow.

On the left bank, from Cromford Road Bridge the fishing extends to 80 yards below the footbridge at the Severn Trent water treatment plant, below the Homesford Cottage Inn.

The Fishing Lodge stands alongside the remains of the bridge chapel, by Cromford Bridge.

This building is a copy of the more famous Fishing Lodge on the river Dove, which anglers associate with Isaac Walton and Charles Cotton.

Limited vacancies for memberships do occur.

For memberships, contact the secretary 

Vic Beresford
22 Cheviot Avenue
Codnor Park
Nottingham NG16 5QQ

Tel: 01773 540530
Mobile: 07860 560401


Cromford Fly Fishers Club
Formerly : The Matlock and Cromford Angling Association, founded 1874.
The Lodge

Piscatoribus Sacrum……Sacred to Fishermen”
The Inscription over the door of the lodge

Doars Glide

Cromford Shallows

Homesford Meadow